Monday, 12 March 2012

Weekend NOTD

The weekend past manicure featured Nails Inc Neal Street which is a beautiful teal colour.

This applies likes a dream and with only one coat for full opacity.

My only gripe with this polish is that when I bought it I didn't realise it was a matte finish (why can't there be a little more info on the bottle?).  Me and matte polishes don't mix.  There's something about a flat finish that doesn't appeal to me, although saying that give me a matte finish foundation any day over dewy.

I swiftly applied Barry M's 3 in 1 Nail paint to counteract the dullness of Neal Street and voila....

....we have a lovely, glossy result.  What a perfect combination!

Now to veer off topic.   For those of you who don't know, I'm getting married next September so you can probably guess a lot of my spare time is consumed by planning the wedding.  Is this something you guys would be interested in reading about.  If it is please leave me a comment.  I have a lot to organise and your opinions are always welcome.