Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Perfume Collection

So some may say that i'm a bit of a perfume addict but in my opinion you can never have enough perfume or anything in that matter :)

I've built my collection over the years and most have been received as gifts or bought from duty free and range from semi expensive to cheap e.g. Britney Spears Curious (I love this and want to try Fantasy).

From the back left we have Juicy Couture, Hugo Intense, Armani Diamonds, Vera Wang Princess, MAC MV3, Miss Dior Cherie, 212 and Britney Curious.

My favourite has to be Armani Diamonds. I always wear this for nights out. For me I think this scent lasts the longest so I dont need to apply alot. This was a birthday gift and is almost a year old and ive still got half a bottle left which says alot.

For daytime it varies between Hugo, Princess and Miss Dior Cherie. I'm trying to use up Hugo Intense so its been getting the most love lately.

What are your favourite fragrances?

Current Haircare Routine

On saturday I picked up some new shampoo and styling products in Boots. It was 3 for 2 on John Frieda products so I got a shampoo and conditioner and got a finishing creme for free :)

Im naturally blonde but i've have been dying my hair brown for the past 2 years so I need something to help maintain the colour and shine.

I was using Tresemme vitamin E & aloe colour revitalising shampoo but it was drying out my hair so it was definately time for a change.

This is what I bought.....

I've only been using this for the past week but so far im impressed with the results. My hair is super soft and SHINEY! In the morning I would spend about 15 minutes straightening the sections of my hair as its quite thick and curly but now I just run my ghd's quickly over my hair to achieve the same poker straight effect. It seem thats the shampoo maintains my style even whilst i sleep.

As for the rest of my haircare routine......

Once my hair is washed and towelled dried I apply Revlon frizz control smoothing balm and distribute it through my hair.

Before blow drying I use a heat defence spray. My choice is Tresemme heat defence smooth. I also apply this on sections of my hair before straightening it.

I usually dont apply any styling product until the morning when im leaving for work. Right now i'm using John Frieda's satin shine finishing creme which keeps my hair looking smooth.

For the days inbetween washes I use Tigi bed head after party for that just washed look.

Whats your haircare routine?

Monday, 24 November 2008

Quick update on mineral makeup

After wearing Earthnicity's mineral foundation all day yesterday without any issues, I woke up this morning with red blotches on my face and some sensitivity as well. I think this was a result of a bad reaction to some of their ingredients.

Needless to say I wont be trying mineral makeup for a while, instead i've reverted back to my reliable studio fix fluid.

I've heard good things about Chanel's Vitalumiere foundation and am thinking of giving it a go to see how it compares to MAC.

Whats your opinion on this product?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Earthnicity Mineral Makeup

So today I used my samples from Earthnicity that I purchased on Ebay. I've only ever tried mineral foundation by Everyday Minerals and that broke me out so needless to say I was a bit hesitant to give minerals another go.

For my 5 samples I got foundation in alabaster, a blush in petal and a blush in rose shimmer, a bronzer in sunkissed matte and finally an eyeshadow in nude shimmer. These samples came in sealed pouches but I transferred them into stackable sample jars (these were £2.15 from Boots).

I'm a girl who likes quite a lot of coverage when it come to foundation so as you would expect I felt a bit vulnerable whilst wearing the mineral foundation but I grew to like it throughout the day and the time I took to apply my foundation was halved.

From left to right we have: nude shimmer, sunkissed matte, petal and rose shimmer

The nude shimmer eyeshadow looked almost yellow on my skintone. I applied a lighter shadow from my Coastal Scents neutral palette to tone it down and make it more wearable.

Petal blush didnt show up on my skin. The Earthnicity website describes it as a shade which flatters most complexions, however this was not the case for me. It is shimmery so I can always use it as a highlighter.

Rose shimmer blush is the complete opposite to petal. It showed up very dark on my skin even though it is described as being sheer and has to be applied with a very light hand.

If anyone has any recommendations of other colours I should try please let me know.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

MAC hue alternative?

As I was browsing the Rimmel section in Boots, I picked up a volume booster lipstick in foxy. It was only when I got it home and put it on that I noticed it was very comparable to MAC's Hue lipstick which is one of my faves.

Hue is on the left and Foxy is on the right:

There is no significant difference in these products, however when swatched Foxy appears slightly darker.

Again Hue is on the left and Foxy is on the right:

Both products are creamy on the lips although Hue does last that little bit longer.

Rimmel Volume Booster is enriched with collagen and hyaluronic spheres and claims to create up to 40% fuller looking lips. As for boosting my lips I couldn't see a difference though I could certainly feel the tingling sensation on my lips and there is a menthol taste to it.

I would not buy this product again for its lip plumping abilities but I might repurchase it as it is a cheaper alternative to MAC.

Have you any dupes for MAC Hue?

Friday, 21 November 2008

First entry!

After months of following blogs created by other people, I have been inspired to create my very own.

As the title box suggests I am interested in anything beauty and fashion related so expect to read about my latest shopping trips and my opinions on what i've purchased. As I become braver (i.e more experienced in makeup application) I will post FOTD's.

I've recently received some mineral makeup samples from Earthnicity as recommended by Pinksealight which I will be trying this weekend so expect a review soon.

Have a good weekend everyone.