Sunday, 23 November 2008

Earthnicity Mineral Makeup

So today I used my samples from Earthnicity that I purchased on Ebay. I've only ever tried mineral foundation by Everyday Minerals and that broke me out so needless to say I was a bit hesitant to give minerals another go.

For my 5 samples I got foundation in alabaster, a blush in petal and a blush in rose shimmer, a bronzer in sunkissed matte and finally an eyeshadow in nude shimmer. These samples came in sealed pouches but I transferred them into stackable sample jars (these were £2.15 from Boots).

I'm a girl who likes quite a lot of coverage when it come to foundation so as you would expect I felt a bit vulnerable whilst wearing the mineral foundation but I grew to like it throughout the day and the time I took to apply my foundation was halved.

From left to right we have: nude shimmer, sunkissed matte, petal and rose shimmer

The nude shimmer eyeshadow looked almost yellow on my skintone. I applied a lighter shadow from my Coastal Scents neutral palette to tone it down and make it more wearable.

Petal blush didnt show up on my skin. The Earthnicity website describes it as a shade which flatters most complexions, however this was not the case for me. It is shimmery so I can always use it as a highlighter.

Rose shimmer blush is the complete opposite to petal. It showed up very dark on my skin even though it is described as being sheer and has to be applied with a very light hand.

If anyone has any recommendations of other colours I should try please let me know.

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