Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My lastest obsession

Move over beauty blogs I've found another addiction this week...

...In the form of fashion blogs!

It's nice to have a bit of variety in your google reader :)

I found myself extremely bored last weekend and was looking for new bloggers to follow. I stumbled across one blog in particular and then found many others via her page.

Here are a few i'm loving:

Closet Full of Nothing - Coco proves you don't have to be tall and skinny to look great in clothes. Most fashion bloggers i've come across tend to have the same model-esque image and that can be quite boring. She also has a fabulous shoe collection.

Style Scrapbook - Andy is in my top 2 and I would say a large part of her wardrobe is from H&M and Zara (these stores seem to feature a lot in fashion blogs along with ASOS) which makes me wonder why I can never find anything half decent in them. I must not be looking hard enough.

Comer Over To The Darkside - This is my no. 1 fashion blogger. She reminds me of Roxanne McKee (aka Louise in Hollyoaks). Her style to me is edgy but yet still feminine. I'm now lemming leather look leggings and over the knee boots.

To name a few more:

All their individual styles are wearable and thats what I prefer to read/look at. I like the idea of being able to recreate it (minus the Louboutins), just like a makeup tutorial!

Please check these amazing girls out and feel free to link me to your favourite fashion bloggers.

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