Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Things I'm Currently Lovin'

I have a few things i've been using/wearing consistently these past few months.

1) Water - I know it's not really an item as such but i've increased my intake of H2O. I haven't quite reached the 2 litres a day but the pitiful amount I have been drinking has made an impact on me. By keeping me that little bit more hydrated, my skin and lips have become noticeably less dry which is a definite improvement to what they were like previously.

2) Nuance mineralize blush - This was released way back with MAC's Sonic Chic collection. It's a peach colour with gold throughout. I don't know what drew me to pick this out of my vast blush collection and I'm very happy. It's a summer staple for me and works well combined with the next product I'm going to mention.

3) Benefit 10 - I "borrowed" this from my mum two years ago to take on holiday as it saves on two products. It is a contour/highlight combined in a cute box and will be coming to Turkey with me in July. It works well with my skin tone but for those who are darker, you might find it a bit light.

4) Urban Outfitters - It's a shop I never really go into because I find some of their clothing is not to my taste and can be overpriced. However saying that their jewellery range is fantastic and recently i've made a few purchases, one being a beautiful gold chain bracelet with the words "love you" intertwined in the links. It's very delicate and is my favourite piece of jewellery at the minute and is constantly on my wrist.

What are your current loves?


  1. That bracelet is adorable and would certainly be on my wrist constantly as well ;)

  2. @ Thanks for the lovely comment x

    @ AbbieAndBrian I got a lovely pair of gold knot earrings too x

    @ Will be back to UO soon to see what else I can find x