Monday, 13 September 2010

Dupe Alert!

Now I can finally cross NARS Albatross off my want list as I think i've found the perfect dupe and at a considerably cheaper price might I add.

I placed a small order from E.L.F a few weeks ago which consisted of Natural Nymph mineral lipstick (love!) and Gotta Glow blush from their Studio line.

I would not refer to this product as a blush. For one it's not your everyday cheek colour and two it's not a product you would want to be heavy handed with. However it's a beautiful product none the less and at £3.50 you couldn't beat it with a big stick.

In real life it appears as an off white with lots of shimmer...

Swatched - a beautiful champagne colour

And on application has pretty much the same effect as MAC's Vanilla pigment

You don't have to take my word for it seeing as I don't own NARS Albatross to do a proper comparison but feel free to google a swatch and form your own opinion.

What dupes have you found lately?


  1. I thought it was a dupe; I've never seen nars versio to knw if it is, but glad to knw someone else thinks it is. :)

  2. Ooh so pretty! Yay for dupes!

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  4. This looks lovely, thanks for following i'm following you back. I read you got natural nymph lipstick too. It's one of my favourites in fact i'm wearing it in todays post. xx

  5. @nicoletta thanks for following x

  6. looks very pretty :) thanks for sharing

    I am a new follower and I have to say that you have a great blog. Hope you drop by my blog too ^ ^

  7. I've actually heard that this is a great dupe, so thanks for the swatches! Will have to check it out :)


  8. Parecen bonitos! Pero supongo que a las 2 o 3 horas, ya no se notarán,cosa que los Albatross sí! Conozco el clon de la paleta Naked de UD, que es la paleta de neutrso de ELF.Y se habla de que la mayoría de los coloretes de ELF son clones de NARS,pero en cuanto a duracion...nada de nada! Sleek tambien tiene muchos colores parecidos a NARS. :) TE SIGO! UN BESOO