Sunday, 5 April 2009

Shopping on a budget

Today I followed in Kelanjo19's footsteps and went makeup shopping armed with only £20.

In total I got four items, the majority of which were on my to get list.

We have:
1) Maybelline Watershine Gloss in Baby Pink
2) GOSH Soft N' Shine Lip Balm in Barbie
3) GOSH Cool Lip Jam in 101
4) Eyeko Pastel Polish (I can't get over how tiny this is)

The Maybelline gloss is fantastic. It's a lovely milky pink and isn't too sticky. It reminds me a bit of MAC's Underage but more pinky and doesn't have to be blended onto your lips.

All these items were bought from Superdrug. Total spent = £20.04

I then sort of cheated.

After reading reviews on the Oui Oui Oui lip butter from The Body Shop I had to get my very own. I also needed a body exfoliator so I allowed myself these purchases. To me they are essential and I do need them, sort of :)

Whilst paying I was told by the sales assistant that I didn't redeem my birthday purchase in the month of February and that I could pick anything in the store worth £10.

I've got lots of body butters and nothing else really caught my eye. But I remember reading about their Vitamin E Face Mist which is said to rival MAC's Fix+, this I had to try.

To make up the remaining balance I picked one of their Born Lippy lip balms in watermelon. I'm a sucker for anything with this scent.

I love shopping and getting lots of bargains.

What bargains have you acquired?


  1. Lovely items. I might get the Maybelline gloss. It looks like it could be a dupe for MAC's Florabundance Lipglass.

  2. yay love the yes yes yes lipbalm!so yummy and the face mist, apply before or after foundation to set like fix +.good bargain haul, whats Gosh Barbie like?really want it!x

  3. I love the look of the Maybelline gloss. I also want the Body Shop stuff you got. I love Body Butters. Great haul!!

  4. @Holly Havent tried Barbie yet just swatched it, it will be lovely for the summer x

  5. @Jenny9119999 my favourite body butter is brazil nut, smells delicious x

  6. Great haul! :) I 'm amazed what you UK girls can buy with a small budget! :) Btw I think I need to get another Mango body butter, mine is finishing up...

  7. you should do a swatch on that lipgloss =]]

  8. @Kerry1487 I am now feeling the need to check out that brazil nut body butter. My fave was a limited edition and I'm gutted that I can't get it any more as it was gorgeous.

  9. @Jenny9119999 The brazil nut boy butter smells amazing but their other products like the scrub smells a bit sickly x

  10. I think you will love the Vit e!
    Ive used the moisturiser since i was 16 and my skin is in pretty good shape!

    Great haul.. i love those maybelline glosses. I bought one in every color boots have! I have no self control!!

    great blog!x