Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sugarsweet Haul

For me this collection was all about the MSF's.

Nothing else really appealed to me and I already own some of the products released, namely Lollipop Loving and Saint German lipstick and Penny shadestick.

Overall I didn't get a lot but I'm glad of the pennies saved.

We have Perfect Topping and Refined msf's, Bubbles lipstick and Aquavert eyeshadow, the lovely MA even gift boxed my purchases.

The msf's are love. Today I wore Refined alone on my cheeks which gave a lovely tan glow. 

I wouldn't normally buy a green eyeshadow especially a pastel green but I thought this would be great applied to the inner corners and IMO I was right. If you have brown eyes this really makes them pop.

I wasn't going to get Bubbles because I had no idea how to wear a frosty white lipstick but the MA suggested that I could tone down other lip colours by applying this as a base. The frosty effect highlights the lips and can make them look bigger. I tend to blend it in around the edges so that it only highlights my cupids bow.

I had thought about getting Peppermint Patti nail polish but after reading Lollipop26's blog post regarding Barry M's nail paint in 304 i'll opt for this instead. I love dupes :)

Thats it for this collection, nothing too exciting. I'd love to hear what you got or plan to get.



  1. which msf do you prefer? I only got refined, but not sure whether to get the other aswell.

  2. Refined looks gorge, I think I'd like it but trying to resist :) xxx

  3. @Hele I prefer Refined purely because it can be worn as a blush. Perfect Topping is really only a highlighter x

  4. I'd really liked your blog. I'l be always here! Kisses

  5. love refined, whats the eyeshadow like?really wanted it but didnt know if id ever use it"?

  6. @Holly I've yet to apply aquavert all over my lid but its a great eye opener, I might also try wearing it under my eye x