Saturday, 20 June 2009

Accessorize Haul!

I should have been looking at fascinators in Accessorize however I was easily distracted by all the beautiful items of jewellery.

My style in jewellery is cheap and cheerful, that way in the event that it breaks or is lost I will not be distraught. However I do believe in the concept of having classic, statement pieces that will never be outdated e.g. a masculine watch. The same goes with clothes e.g. a blazer, LBD etc.

Anyone on to my little haul.

First item I picked up was this bow pendant. N.B I have not deterred away from my bow fetish.

This is just a simple gold necklace with a mesh bow and pearl charm. For those who are interested there is also a ring to match.

The last thing I got was a ring. I don't own a lot of rings maybe i'm just waiting for that all important one ;)

It's a dainty ring with a cream enamel bow. Out of all the bow rings, and trust me there were quite a few, I loved this one more it was the least garish. This is how it looks on:

I've been a bit slack lately on the YT and blog front so i'm going to try and be productive this weekend and make a video or two and do some more blog  posts.


  1. The bow necklace is adorable! xXx

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  3. I passed an award on to you on my blog. Check it out. :-)

  4. Bow jewellery is so cute. Accessorize have some lovely things in at the moment, I just did a post on it actually!!


  5. love the ring I made a post about it as well xxx