Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic

I have mentioned this product in my recent video but I thought I would go into a bit more detail. I had first seen this product on the Lush website and put it on my to get list, so whilst I was shopping yesterday I was happy that the sales lady recommended this to me. I tend to get red patches on my cheeks and especially around my nose. This face mask claims to calm and cleanse the skin and is filled with calming properties such as chamomile and other minerals which help reduce inflammation. 

This goes on exactly how it looks, bits of blueberry included. It is a bit messy to work with but aren't all face masks, and it dries in pretty quick. You are instructed to leave it on for 3-5 minutes but I left it on for longer. Once removed I was left with baby soft skin which didn't feel tight. 

It's too soon to tell whether this has actually helped my redness but if all else fails it will make a really good after sun treatment.

I have included a picture of me and the mr enjoying our pampering session and also of his birthday cake made by my friend.


  1. aww cute photo!! my bf would never do that for me!


  2. Love the photo!! The cake looks yummy!! xXx

  3. @Victoria He definitely has a girly side. He had it on again earlier because he got sun burnt :)

  4. LOL Thats so funny! How cute is your boyf?! Love the fact he was up for the face mask too :) xxxx

  5. @dressjunkie he loved every minute. He especially loves his gift set, he's a lush convert x