Monday, 9 November 2009

Saturdays Outfit of the Night

Saturday was my friends' birthday. To celebrate a crowd of us went to Rain and had such an amazing night.

I bought a new dress for this occasion, it's very rare that I would wear the same outfit for a night out twice. I chose a black dress from Miss Selfridge and accessorized with a clutch and heels. In my opinion you can't wrong with a black dress.

It's a black denim dress which flares at the bottom, with a faux leather band around the waist and also across the chest which wraps around the neck. For a better idea you can check it out here.

I paired this with my New Look stud blazer

For shoes and bag, I wore my staple Red or Dead black stilettos which have a suede effect and get dirty very easily. They are also murder on my feet but vanity wins over comfort! The clutch bag is a cheap one from New Look. I love this style of bag. You have two options, it can be worn in hand or under the arm and it was only £8 :)


  1. You look really pretty! I love your dress :) xxx

  2. You look stunning Kerry! I saw this dress on the hanger and was dying to see what it looked like on someone. Really funky and high fashion! xxxx

  3. Gorgeous outfit Kerry! Very chic and fashionable!
    Love the assymetrical shoulder strap! ;)


  4. @ Lulabelle @legseleven7 @Beautygirl24 Thanks ladies x

  5. @dressjunkie Thanks Arlene. It's a great dress, bit unusual and a nightmare to get out of lol x