Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sundays Plans

I've just spent most of the morning organising and decluttering my coat wardrobe. I've been putting this off all week but my bf has taken his little brother to the wrestling so it was the perfect excuse to get it done.

I moved my coats and scarves etc to my old wardrobe in my old room removing bits and pieces I no longer wear as I went along. Now I have my coats, jackets, bags and half of my shoe collection all in the one place.

I love a good decluttering session. I can't stand hanging on to things just for the sake of it, instead I bag it before I can change my mind.

This is the result of a few hours work.

There's a combination of spare dressing gowns, halloween costumes, shorts for summer and then my jackets. I have put my shoes that come with boxes at the bottom too, though I still haven't decided what to do with the shoes that just come loose. I have considered maybe buying those clear shoe boxes and transferring them all to those that way its easier for me to find a pair.

Most of my bags are now stored in the bottom drawer and are easy accessible.

I always wonder what's in peoples wardrobes, I guess i'm just nosey like that. Feel free to let me know how you organise your wardrobe.


  1. i love being organised! :) lol xxx

  2. Clear shoe boxes are fab. B&Q do a nice range that stack securely on top of each other. Not overly cheap tho and only one pair of heels per box. On the more purse friendly side Ikea do a pack of 4 or 5 canvas ones, that are actually really sturdy and have a clear flap at the front. I can fit 3 pairs of stilettos in each one of these, or 2 pairs of boots xxx

  3. @dressjunkie Thanks for the tips, i'll be checking out B&Q X

  4. Well done on the de-cluttering! I'm for ever sorting my wardrobe out etc. :-) gives a great excuse to go shopping again, fill up the spaces haha. x