Saturday, 12 December 2009

Joining in

From the start of the New Year I shall be joining Laura aka Lollipop26 and everyone else who is participating in Project 10 Pan.

This will be a first for me and is going to be tough because I never finish anything so it will probably take me forever to complete this.

There are two reasons behind my decision.

1) My boyfriend doesn't think I can go without buying makeup and I want to prove him wrong.
2) The money saved is going towards buying a special present for myself :)

The present i'm taling about is a Balenciaga Giant City handbag.

I've been hmming and haaing about this bag for the past few months. The pricetag to me seems a tad unrealistic, I'm definately not a saver.

I don't expect to be able to pull together the cash for this bag by just cutting back on buying makeup. Oh no. Therefore i'm cutting back on all unessacary expenditure. Basically i'll not be living much for the next few months. Luckily for me I don't have alot of outgoings apart from rent and paying off a store card.

My justification behind this purchase is that it's a bag for life. It will also be my first designer bag unless you count a Juicy Couture daydreamer which i've owned since my teens. I'm maturing now so feel the need to transition to a more "grown up" bag and I work hard so it's only right to treat myself to something extravagant once in while.

What is your most recent treat to yourself?


  1. Good on you Kerry - will be watching to see how you get on. Nice bag so worth it :)

  2. I wish I had the will power! I really want that bag too, I wish you the best off luck!!! x x x

  3. You can do it! That bag is some great inspiration.

  4. @Happy1234 I really hope I can stick with it, it would be the perfect birthday present to myself :)

  5. @DisGoBaby Thank you, I will need all the support I can get. Might have to hide my debit card lol x

  6. Kerry I had to do that, well I got my ever so strict boyfriend to hide it on my behalf, although it didn't last long as I just used another card that i'd forgotten to cancel, i'm useless. My latest treat is a couple of bits from mac, but i'm saving until late december as there are a couple of thing I want from macs december collection, seee how can someone like me save, i've already planned ahead!!!!! xxx

  7. Good luck hunni with the P10P. I shall not be joining in but I MUST cut down on my spending in January onwards. God i dont save a penny. My most recent treat was some Fekkai shampoo for £30. I cant believe i spent that on shampoo but it does feel kinda nice using it.
    Here's to saving in the new year. yay!

  8. Yeah we can do it!!! We can all encorage each other to save, as i'd expect all we are currently doing is encouraging each other to spend spend spend!! xxx

  9. Ohmigosh! I was totally thinking about doing the same thing once I saw Laura's video. It's just a beautiful bag and I sooooo want it too...*sigh*...

  10. I have been eyeing that bag as well! It is GORGEOUSSS!!! I don't think I can go without make up though sooo this bag just may have to remain a dream for me! :P

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