Sunday, 20 December 2009

Round of applause for eBay

Yay I finally have my MacBook back. It's been a very long 10 days with out it hence the no blog posts and recent tweets. However there was a bit of shopping on eBay.

I go through fads with eBay. Some months i'll be addicted to it and others i'll never be on it. I think it's amazing that it's one online "store" which you can find virtually anything.

I'm currently making a big change in my skin care routine and am switching to high end brands to see if they make a difference. I thought i'd try eBay first to see if any bargains could be found.

I manageed to pick up a 50ml bottle of Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher. That is certainly a mouthful, if your lazy like me Idealist will do.

This retails for £49 and I bought it for £26. This should hopefully last me a while. I also bought a sample size of their Advanced Night Repair to try before I make the commitment of getting the full size. I've only used it once so it's too soon to tell if it's actually doing anything.

As well as these items I am also waiting on an Origins moisturiser (paid £15) and Laura Mercier Perfecting Water (paid £8).

Don't worry I haven't fallen of the no spending wagon already. These are christmas presents from my mum who didn't know what to buy me. Come January and most importantly pay day I will not be spending any money on me so that hopefully in February i'll be able to buy that beautiful Balanciaga handbag.

I have bought myself one present but this was purchased almost one month ago and arrived in the post yesterday.

Yep it's one blingtastic phone case. It's pink and tacky and I love it! This too is also a purchase made on eBay.

All I can say is that eBay, at the minute I heart you :)

Do we have any other eBayer's in our midst? What are your recent purchases?


  1. I absolutely love your iphone case hunny, is there any chance you could tell me the name of the seller so i can pick one up for myself please?
    You got some great bargains hun! :)


  2. I think that's super pretty! I've been seeing other YTers with blingy cases; it makes me want one! :)


    Kate Gene

  3. Hey I'd like to know the name of the seller also please :)


  4. This is the store of the ebay seller:

  5. that phone case....hmmm I may have to get my own sometime soon! its divine!

  6. I love the nailpolish!
    I'm a kind of addicted to all colors.
    X, fashionnerdic.

  7. @Nerdic.. It's Wham by Collection 2000

  8. Oh, I am definitely a fan of e-bay. But, like you, sometimes I am always browsing looking after nice stuff, and sometimes it simply vanishes from my mind (well, it is good for the, since I am from Brazil and here,we don't have access to tons of wonderful brands and products, I am generally taking a look there and have already bought amazing stuff. The problem is the time I have to wait till the packages arrive......... :) xoxo

  9. ooheemmgee that is the cutest case ever!

  10. @yummy411 it's really hard wearing. I've dropped it and all the gems are still attached

  11. I love love love your phone case! Do you mind if I get the same one he he