Saturday, 9 May 2009

My new blazer

It's finally reached that time of year where a winter coat is no longer required, therefore mine has been retired to my second wardrobe in amongst the rest of my clothes which I don't really wear anymore.

Despite not needing to wear a heavy coat some covering up is still required, mainly in the form of blazers and spring jackets.

I already own a black blazer but I find that it can be a bit blah and have been constantly looking for the perfect grey one.

Introducing my Topshop find:

This is exactly what i've been looking for.  It's not too light nor too dark and I especially love the lining on the sleeves. It looks fab with skinny jeans and heels or with dresses, this is how I will wear mine.

What items of clothing are you currently loving?


  1. OO I love it :D I finally found a black blazer I liked after searching for months!

    Em... I'm loving plain tshirts just now but I'm not 100% sure why?! x

  2. I really like plain tees with jeans sort of like the style of Lauren Conrad. H&M do lovely basic ones, I need to get some in black and white to wear with my blazer :)

  3. That's gorgeous, a great colour. I recently bought a cream blazer from New Look which has a similar stripy lining. I love it but am still debating whether to keep it or not as the fit seems a bit off. I'll definitely have to check the grey Topshop one out!
    I have a cropped black blazer which I love, it's so useful. So at the moment, I'm really into blazers!

  4. Great find its gorgeous!

  5. @makeupmadb I really like the New Look blazer. My blazer is possibly my favourite item in my wardrobe at the minute.

  6. I have the New Look one in black, is the double of this! Goes with everything :) xx