Saturday, 9 May 2009


12 o' clock today marked the start of my weekend and also a change in nail colour. This is usually the point of my week when I can wear wacky colours which are not office appropriate.

Lollipop26 had mentioned OPI's Mod About You on Twitter which reminded me that I have yet to wear mine. I picked this colour up after watching a video from LisaLisaD1 (if your not a subscriber got check her out!) and this is what she had on her nails.

Without flash:

With flash:

It looks a lot more toned own in the first photo but in person it is a bright baby pink with lilac undertones. Depending on how I feel on monday I may wear it into work if not i'll revert back to my new favourite, China Glaze's Evening Seduction :)


  1. That nail colour is gorgeous! Another 1 for my list lol!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous color...:)

  3. Gorgeous colour, looks fab!

  4. I really like this but I had never been tempted by it when i seen it in the bottle. Hmmm might rethink that now xxx