Friday, 1 May 2009

New foundation brush

Do you love the airbrush finish the 109 provides but hate the way it sheds?

If the answer to this question is yes then you need the LY34 from Louise Young.

It is the round version of the 190 brush which is my second favorite for applying my base. The hair is extremely soft although it is denser than the 109 and cannot be maneuvered just as easily around the face as the head is more domed than flat. Just like the 109 it can get into all the small crevasses of the face and speeds up the foundation process nor do you have to worry about streaks.

My 109 is now restricted for use with my Chanel Bronze Universel only, although I'm not sure how long it will hold up due to it's copious amount of hair loss.

I haven't heard a lot about the makeup artist Louise Young or her cosmetics line. I first came across the range because Pixiwoo uses the foundation brushes in a few of their tutorials.

Has anyone else tried any of the brushes by Louise Young? What are your opinions?


  1. When I got this brush back in January I initially loved it. Lately I hardly seem to use it. I think I'm quite fickle with my foundation brushes. I've went full circle to the 190 again. xx

  2. I just love the 187 for foundation. Since finding out about that I have never looked back.

  3. I got the Louise Young super fan brush, and even though I haven't used it yet, I think it's softer than the standard MAC brushes...If I were to start my brush collection all over again or replace a shedding MAC one (and my 129 is shedding more than I expected) I 'd choose Louise Young ones...;)

  4. Was this expensive? I like the look of some of her brushes!

  5. No idea about makeup artist Louise Young or her cosmetics line!!!

  6. @mizzworthy It was £22 and £1.99 P&P

  7. It looks very alike to my GOSH duo-fibre powder brush which I use to apply powder! I'll definitely have to give it a go with foundation.

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  9. love your blog - i use fingers but if the mood takes me I use my clinique foundation brussh or the Jemma Kidd stipple brush which by all accounts is as good as the mac 187

  10. wish we had Louise Young brushes in Canada!