Friday, 10 July 2009

Gel Nails

So some of you may already know that on Tuesday I had an appointment at my local beauticians to get nail extensions. I had originally wanted acrylics but decided on gel nails in the end.

Although acrylics are the most popular throughout the world, gel nails are on the increase and according to the nail technician she finds they are more durable and longer wearing.

Of course there are always negative points to these types of beauty procedures but if looked after correctly the damage should be minimal.

I opted for the french manicure tips for days when I don't want to wear polish. I can't believe how realistic they feel. I am no longer cautious with them (the first day I was careful with what I did in case one popped off). The brochure said to maintain them every 2-3 weeks but I've been told I may not need to go back for 4-6 weeks, it all depends on your natural nail growth.

Overall the procedure was not painful, the technician took her time and answered all my queries. The plan is to keep them on so that my own nails grow all the same length, I will then remove them and get a gel overlay which is basically a semi permanent french manicure.

To keep the gels in tip top shape I was advised to invest in a cuticle oil to prevent the skin from attaching to the nail and to add moisture to the nail. I picked up one by Skintruth and apply it every night before I go to bed.

Have you any other tips to maintain gels/acrylics?


  1. They are gorgeous!! Sorry no tips as I've never had gel or acrylic nails and was never trained in them either.

  2. Sorry no tips but they look great! I really want to try Gel nails myself. xx

  3. @Victoria I love mine and have gotten so many compliments x

  4. I've just got acrylics and i oil them twice a day. I love them..

    It's surprising how feminine I feel with long nails.

    I go back ever 2-3 weeks to get them filled in, but I dont have any tips...i'm heavy handed so although with being careful i still lose a nail within the maintenance time...


  5. I've had acrylics and gels in the past and they totally ruined my nails. When you get them soaked off in the end, your real nails will be sooo weak underneath they practically snap off (well this is what happened to me!)I'd never have them done again, my nails are still horrible now and I've had them off for over 2 years!! But they do look so pretty!! lol xx

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  7. @gatalivre Acrylics are more commonly known but they are really the same thing

  8. Interesting!

    Thanks for sharing.