Sunday, 26 July 2009

Bonnebell Liplites

If I'm ever seen to be wearing lipgloss, it's likely to be from this range.

I had originally bought the talked about Bonnebell Liplites in Cappuccino from Ebay and after applying it once came to the conclusion it wasn't for me.

Since then I have received another Cappuccino in a swap and this one I love. It wasn't until I compared the two that I realised the packaging had changed as well as the colour.

As you can tell the new one is a more wearable tan shade in comparison to the previous chocolate brown. These lipglosses smell and taste delicious and are relatively long lasting if you can stop yourself from licking it off. I have already added to my collection Strawberry Parfait which is another Ebay purchase.

I've included some swatches below:

I purchased Strawberry Parfait from this seller:


  1. That's interesting that they kept the name and yet changed the colour.

    Anyway, glad you like the gloss -- if you ever want more I can always pick you up some and we can do another swap ;-)

  2. i love lipglosses that smell and taste great too:) xx

  3. Both the colours look fab! xXx

  4. @Michelle I'd definitely be interested in doing another swap, maybe in september sometime though, after my holiday x

  5. @Victoria I'm not a lipgloss fan but I love these ones x

  6. @hazeleyes I need to look in to other colours available x

  7. Those look lovely!
    Definitely something to check out... :)


  8. @tina_mbc They get my recommendation x