Saturday, 1 August 2009

Beauty Springclean

Over the past year I have accumulated so many beauty products I don't know what to do with. Many of which do the same job (I blame YouTube and Blogs).

I have drawers of current products i'm using, drawers for products i'm yet to use or to use when one is finished (kind of like a backup drawer), I have a large drawer dedicated entirely for hair care and a drawer for skin care accessories and tools. Now this seems a little excessive to me what about you?

Here is a pic of mentioned "backup drawer"

It is filled with spare lotions, shampoos I've never finished, self tanners and cleansers. It probably says a lot about my character, I can never finish anything :)

Starting today, I'm embarking on my own take on "Project 10 Pan". Rather than using up 10 products i'm going to be a little bit more lenient and allow myself to buy something new only when I have finished the equivalent product (if that makes any sense?). For example: I can only purchase a foundation once I have used up my current one.

Although this rule will only apply to certain items:
1) Foundation - I only have one face therefore one base will do
2) Self Tanners - I'm going to throw some of these out because the majority I have tried and hated so why hoard them?
3) Moisturisers - I don't have an excuse for why I have so many of these
4) Mascara - One of my previous posts explains this
5) Primers - I don't believe these actually work for me. I have dry skin anyway so my makeup tends to stay put anyway.

Thats all I can think of for now.

This idea was spurred on by L'oreal's Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. I really want to buy this but at the minute I'm using MAC's Prep & Prime which is almost empty so when it is I will feel guilt free when purchasing the L'oreal one.

I have already gone through some drawers and thrown out products I hate and will never use again which included Dove's gradual tanner. I'm too much of a novice tanner for this to work for me, i'm all about the tans with guide colour :)

What do you think about this idea and do you have drawers where you hoard products?


  1. I was exactly the same...I have either used them all up now, or swapped them on SwapsiesUK :) xxx

  2. Good idea to only buy something when one runs out. Much harder for us beauty addicts to put it into practise though lol! Good luck:)