Sunday, 16 August 2009

Outfit of the day: 4

Technically this constitutes as an "Out of the evening" as it was only about an hour ago that I decided to get dressed :D

Sundays for me are a day to lounge about in sweats/pj's, catch up on YT, and watch House.

My choice of outfit was really lazy and kinda rushed but it was ok because i was only going to the McDonald's drive-through.

Outfit consists of:
- Navy nautical style top from Primark with white sleeves, and yes the flash on my camera has picked up my bra underneath.
- Topshop skinny jeans. I really do live in these! Next on my shopping list is a pair of bootcut or straight jeans. If anyone has any recommendations let me know.
- Black flats, again another bargain buy from Primark.
- Too top it off flat, unstyled hair.

Not only did I return with a yummy McChicken sandwich meal, I got a free limited edition pink can style glass. You get one with every large meal or salad and there are six colours available.

What are Sundays all about for you?


  1. Sunday is definitely the day to wear pyjamas! Though sadly we had a guest this morning so I had to get dressed. :P And I<3House, basically just Hugh Laurie in general!
    I love that top, the detailing is so pretty :)
    Haha, we have a blue glass like yours, got it in Italy last year. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  2. I adore a lazy Sunday! Watching tv, surfing the web and reading are my fav things to do. A bit of baking is always good too :)

  3. Love the top! I adore lazy sundays - just catching up on everything and taking time to relax :) xx

  4. I too love lazy Sundays! I love to make time for a good breakfast, maybe check blogger or YT, and then find a good show or movie. Very cute top, especially for a drive through. :)

  5. Loving the darker hair by the way! xx

  6. @Jo Thanks, i'm still getting used to it

  7. @Daisy I need to bake more, the most I can do is rice crispy buns :)

  8. @icecoldlily Is it wrong to like Hugh Laurie? There is just something about him x