Monday, 21 September 2009

Second time lucky

Before I went on my holiday I had the sudden urge to remove my gel nails, not because I didn't like the way they looked or because I wanted to have my natural (unglamourous) nails back. No it was because I had a botched infills job done and I didn't want further damage to occur.

This was my first set of gel extensions so I didn't really no what to expect. The initial set application was fine but the infills were a nightmare. Basically the gel already on my nails had to be buffed done and then new layers of gel would be applied. It doesn't sound too scary does it? However the nail technician not only buffed the layers of gel away but part of my natural nail bed on a few fingers which left me with red, sensitive nails. This was strengthened by the new gel but the damage had already been done and I felt butchered.

I chose to remove them myself (which was not an easy task) rather than go back to the salon an give my nails a 2 week break. Surprisingly the nails that weren't damaged were still strong and had grown quite long under the extensions.

I booked an appointment with a different salon which specializes in gel nails before I went away and explained what had happened just in case they weren't happy with applying a new set. I had my nails done on Saturday and they did a fabulous job. The nail technician was lovely and answered any queries, it was all very professional. She actually looked at my nails in horror in particular my thumb nail which is missing a partial bit of nail and had lots of gel still on it because it was too painful to buff it off myself.

The gels I have now are Biosculpture in a french manicure style and in my opinion are more realistic than the previous tips:

My experience hasn't put my off nail extensions, I like being pampered at a nail bar and they make my nails look normal compared to whats underneath. Although these are slightly more expensive than my previous it set it really goes to show you get what you pay for. I'll happily part with the extra cash if it means I will get professional treatment as well as results.

Have you any beauty treatment horror stories? Feel free to share.


  1. They look absolutely gorgeous! I would love to get a set for my birthday! even though I have quite good natural nails, I love the look of gel and acrylics! Do you think they would hold up well with a lot of typing in an office? x

  2. I type constantly in work and I have no problems, they last really well, they feel just like your own nails x