Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sundays Effort

Despite me still being in my pyjama's I did apply full face makeup. It gives me an instant pick me up and I do this even when I'm sick.

Todays face consisted of Milani shadows, Coralista blush ("borrowed" from mum) and YSL Rouge Volupte No. 2. I also added some false lashes which I've been meaning to try for ages.

I was sent a combination of false lashes and nails from Janet, the assistant brand manager for Revlon. The set I'm wearing today are part of their Fantasy Lengths range in 91128 Lush.

I haven't seen this particular set for sale in the UK so they may only be available in the US :( You get four individual pieces per eye, as you can see I only used three and there is a glue included however I applied these using Lash Grip.

They remind my of the individual lashes although I prefer the effect these give as they contain more lashes which vary in length. They are perfect if you find it difficult to apply a full strip of falsies. I find those very fiddly.

Lashes without flash:

Lashes with flash:

Out of the lashes I received, I would say these are the most daytime appropriate. They add depth to the lash line but also give you some length. What more can you ask for?

Has anyone else tried these particular false lashes?


  1. Lovin the lashes, Im not one for trying falsies though... Id probably end up with them all down my face :P
    Im from Northern Ireland as well! I havnt found many on here, maybe im just not lookin hard enough :p

    Nikki x

  2. @Nikki It definitely takes practice. I haven't found many from Northern Ireland either x

  3. kerry, I just did a blog post about false lashes a couple of weeks ago and I completely agree that full strips are tricky to apply. I personally feel a bit hopeless about them. However, individual/half sets are much easier and I am loving them!

  4. Have yet to try any false lashes, but these look super pretty and natural! :)


  5. @tina_mbc I wore mine to the cinema :)

  6. @Beautygirl24 I'm going to make more of an effort to apply the half lashes, they really make a difference x