Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lanzarote here I come!

Today was my last day of work and the official start to my summer holiday. Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Belfast International airport to jet off to Lanzarote for two sun filled weeks.

The majority of my stay will be spent catching up on some light reading, something I haven't had a lot of time for recently and to work on my tan, a natural one that is. So as you can tell nothing too exhausting.

I will probably manage to fit a bit of shopping in too. I haven't got a list prepared or anything in mind of what I want to pick up in duty free, I'm just going to "wing it" and see what catches my eye.

For those with any suggestions for purchases please let me know and for those who have been to Lanzarote before, please leave me recommendations for places to eat, visit and shop :)

I won't have my laptop with me so can't update :( I'll have a lot of catching up to do when i'm home.


  1. Hi Kerry,
    I hope you have a fantastic holiday in Lanzarote, I would suggest that you head into Arrecife to see the local fashion - there are lots of individual boutique shops, head for the pedestrian street and check out the side streets. Lanzarote is duty free so you can pick up bargains in the perfume and make up shops, don't just wait for the airports. You can try bargaining in the perfume shops as residents get a bit of discount off the prices - you need to prove this though! If you do get online and want to know more, you can find my contact details on
    Hasta luego

  2. What are you wearing to the airport? I always find it interesting! You should do a post on it! xx

  3. i think its ironic that your summer starts when mine ends. lol. have fun! :)

  4. @Kerry I just wore skinny jeans, check shirt and sandals x

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