Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Bad Skin = :(

For those who you who follow me on twitter will know that i've been experiencing bad breakouts on my face.

The reason? Who knows...

I've narrowed it down to some possibilities.

1) I've stopped using MAC's Prep & Prime because i've read it can make you look very white in photo's which I don't want for my blog posts.

2) My new HG foundation brush, the 109.

3) New Bourjois bronzer.

To be honest, I think the 109 is the culprit. This brush is used all over my face, basically everywhere my skin has broken out (even on my brow bone :( )

My solution?

I've reduced the amount of makeup I wear down to the bare minimal ie. foundation, concealer, mascara and blush (these are the products i've used for months with no side effects) until I can see improvement in my skin. This method seems to be working so tomorrow I might introduce eyeshadow into my routine.

These past few days have reminded me of when I rarely used to wear makeup, before I really got interested in it. I prefer myself when I have my full face done, anything less makes me look and feel tired.

This experience will teach me to try one new thing at a time, that way I can measure the effects it has on my skin.

For now i'm back to using Prep & Prime and my 190 and will be back to posting full face looks once these spots are all gone :)


  1. Awww thats so annoying, I hope it clears for you soon.
    Your 109 will be fine once its sanitised if thats what it is (I agree most likely). I hate cleaning my brushes but its a habit you have to get into as they are unbelievable germ factories!
    Estee Lauder do a really nice smelling brush sanitiser, some of them are a rank.
    And maybe now is the time to give Lush's Baby Face Cleanser a go, I've got so many people onto it, it really is amazing at clearing skin xo

  2. @dressjunkie think im actually allergic to the brush hairs as my foundation brush gets cleaned regularly x

    By the way I posted my first item on slapswap, now to go through the rest of the collection

  3. Oh no :( Allergies suck! Are you allergic to any other of MAC's natural fibre brushes? Think the 224 is the same

    Re: Slapswap... so I see! There have been quite a few swaps already, I'm really pleased people are finding it easy enough to use :)


  4. @dressjunkie I don't really use my 224, its a bit big for my eyes.