Saturday, 28 February 2009

Birthday gift

It's my bosses birthday on monday so my afternoon was dedicated to finding her the perfect gift.

It took one shop to produce the goods.

Accessorize always has the best jewellery and at reasonable prices.

My boss has a thing about earrings, in fact its the only items of jewellery she wears. I know these flower design ones won't disappoint.

Along with the earrings I also got her a paisley stole, very pretty.

Before leaving town I called into Topshop to find a new pair of pumps for work. I left with these:

Just simple black patent flats with a grey ribbon and smaller black ribbon, very office friendly :)


  1. When you said you were looking for a birthday gift for your boss I assumed it was a man - isnt that terrible!!!

  2. Its easy to assume. I have two bosses, husband and wife.

  3. Aww thats such a cute present. Nice shoesies .OO what do you work as ig you dont mind me asking?

  4. Im an insurance broker, nothing too exciting but its pays for my addiction lol

  5. Love those earrings... Best as birthday gift!!