Tuesday, 3 March 2009

International Swapping!

Everyone from Lollipop26, AllThatGlitters21, Magpie Sparkles and now Av are participating in swaps (CP's) throughout the world.

Now I want to be part of the craze.

The basic concept is swapping makeup (a budget should be agreed beforehand) that is either hard to get or not available with people all over the world.

If you have certain items in mind feel free to provide a list or I can leave it as a surprise.

I will post to anywhere in the world.

For those interested please contact me on: kerryw121@hotmail.co.uk



  1. Hi Kerry, I managed to get myself into 2 swaps and this is more than enough!! I have a third girl form California who emailed me her address is sweets569@hotmail.com I will send her a msg and let her know I've arranged mine but to leave a message on here for you hope thats ok x

  2. Thanks honey i'll wait for her message x