Sunday, 15 March 2009

Everyday Shoes

I pretty much live in pumps, be it for work or outside of office hours.

The only time I wear heels is for nights out otherwise I feel overdone although i'm trying to break this habit and venture out more.

My favourite pair of flats have had their day! They were metalic style pumps from New Look which i've had for years. They are in such bad condition i'm not going to embarrass myself by uploading a picture.

Needless to say they have now been binned and replaced.

These are a nude suede pair from Miss Selfridge with peuter bows. I'm a sucker for bows!

I prefer the daintiness of round toed shoes. I especially love the gold studded detail on the bow:

What are your all time favourite shoes?


  1. my fav's are a New Look pair
    they are cream
    and then the toe bit is black patent with a block bow in between
    i love them!!


  2. these are really cute =]]

  3. I love flats - yours are super cute! My favourite pair are my Nine West round toed pumps, they go with everything:)

  4. Oh they are so cute, bows rock!! xx
    My fave everyday shoes are my tall chestnut uggs, pretty wrecked now though as I have never looked after them. Comfy as hell xx

  5. I am trying to built up my pump collection - i was a towering heel girl but my boyfriend is short so i'm trying myself to like flats :) I love your new shoes - are they recent purchases?

  6. I bought the shoes on saturday so they are in the current line x

  7. eek i love those shoes!!! theyre so nice :)