Thursday, 26 March 2009

The perfect lip colour

I've tried dozens of lipsticks from all sorts of brands an in all different colours however I always return to my fail safe.

MAC's Hue!

What's not to love about this colour?

Its the perfect nude for me with a mixture of peachy pink undertones.

The texture is amazing. It's not drying and adds a nice sheen to my lips. Hue is a glaze which I find can be sheer but this packs the right amount of colour. I can apply this on the go, no mirror or adjusting needed unlike Myth which has to be blended.

What is your perfect lip colour?


  1. That colour looks amazing on you!

  2. thats such an amazing color =]]

  3. I only have Myth and do find it hard to apply, this looks likely oto be next on my list! x

  4. I love hue! It was a totally random find for me.. one of those days where you dont pay much attention and when i came home I was instantly thankful for my lack of spending control!

    It looks great on your skin tone!

  5. Hue looks really good on you!! It is my fav mac lipstick :)