Thursday, 26 February 2009

A cheaper alternative!

I've been debating whether to get arcylic nails or gel nails which can both have damaging effects on your natural nails.

Instead i've opted for press on nails.

Same effect as acrylics/gels without the damage.

I used Nailene So Natural in 71000 Pink (short length/square shape) which were £6.85 from Superdrug.

These are a bargain compared to the upkeep of acrylic nails. They are simple to apply and can easily be removed.

They come with a nail glue which I neglected to use. I bought Nailene ultra quick glue which seems to hold them on for longer.

I applied mine on Monday and they are still going strong :)

They have curbed my cravings...for now!


  1. gorgeous! I'm a big fan of the press on nails! Definitely more purse and skin/ nail friendly :) xo

  2. I have some press on ones too.. I'm a fan!

  3. I tried press nails yesterday for the first time ever and I absolutely love it! I thought they'd fall off in the middle of the dinner but no - they feel just like acrylics. I'm a fan now too!

  4. Acrylic and gel nails don't damage nails, nail technicians do. Find one that doesn't use an electric drill (these NEVER should be used on your natural nail).

    As for press-ons being having the same effect as acrylics and gels...That is probably a stretch. I've used press-ons before and they don't last two weeks. They pop off quite frequently.

    Jessie Burkhardt
    Sales/Marketing Coordinator for NSI

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