Monday, 12 October 2009

Brush Cleaning!

Its not a job I like to do and one I certainly don't do often enough. I'm yet to find someone who can say they like to clean their makeup brushes. It's very tedious! If I had a smaller collection of brushes I probably wouldn't find it as bad but it's not until I have them all lined up on the towel to dry that I realize just how many I have.

I am ashamed to admit that I'm lucky if I clean my brushes once a month :O I know it's bad and unhygienic but as of now that will change.

I typically wait until all my brushes are dirty and then do a bulk deep clean. This leaves me stuck if I need to use a particular brush. But now I'm going to start cleaning my brushes as and when I use them.

I prepared myself last night and washed all my brushes. There are so many of them it took me close to an hour to wash them all.

After applying my makeup this morning I separated the dirty brushes from the clean and set them aside to be washed in the evening (which I've just done).

I stored the dirty brushes in a straw basket I got from Dunnes which use to house my nail polishes. This makes it handier for me to cart them to the bathroom.

Once all clean and dry they go back with the rest of my makeup brushes which I keep in these metal plant pot style containers filled with rice, a very cheap substitute for vase fillers.

How often do you clean your brushes? Are you guilty of being lazy?


  1. I clean them about every two weeks I think..but I only have like 8 brushes, so it doesn't take me very long, but I can only clean them during the weekend because I always need them in the morning during the week! I do wish I had more brushes though. :)

  2. Once a month?! haha not going to lecture you but I had a bacterial infection in the skin around my eyes a year or so ago and I think it's because i hardly ever washed my makeup brushes.

    Also don't you find that the longer you leave your dirty brush the more it effects the application of your makeup when you use it? If i leave my foundation brush for longer than 2 days it effects the way my foundatin goes on.

    I wash mine every two days. I find that if i wash the ones i use every few days then it never builds up to having to clean them all at once :)

  3. The rice thing is a great idea

  4. I don't wash them enough! I will try to do tonight - you've inspired me :-)

    The rice thing is a great idea!

  5. I wash my face brushes after every application, with the exception of blush brushes (I use these 4-5 times before I wash them) and shadow brushes every 2 days...
    I did however slacked a bit lately, and having used my 188 for a maybelline mousse blush more than 5 times without washing it, I discovered it had stained a bit, even after super deep cleaning...!!!
    I 'm scared of this happening, so I need to pick up the pace again!


    PS: I love your blush collection, maybe you could do an updated post about it..? ;)

  6. @tina_mbc My 217 is a bit stained because I left it too long to clean the same with my 168. I will do an update at some point because I've added to it since then x

  7. @Lipstick Rules It's a very cheap substitute but still does the same job x

  8. @Jesse Bacterial infection? Thats scary however I have noticed if I don't clean my foundation brush regularly I get break outs.

  9. @icecoldlily I only had a few brushes to begin with but just bought some here and there and built up my collection.

  10. I always aim to clean my brushes every 2 weeks, but usually its more like once every month x