Saturday, 24 October 2009

This weeks favourites

There are 3 products i've been using consistently this week and no they're not new, i've had them all for about a year now but I have only recently rediscovered them lurking amongst the rest of my make makeup.

I feel like I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. I reach for the same things every day and the rest of my collection is neglected. I really need to make more of an effort with my choices and shake things up a bit.

This week i've been wearing:

1) MAC Sculpt & Shape powder in bone beige/emphasize has replaced my Natural Collection bronzer as a contour.
2) Urban Decay Primer Potion - My go to base is always MAC's Painterly which works really well with my oily lids, the primer potion not so much.
3) NYX Trio TS15 - This is a lovely palette for a quick daytime look. The colours work great together. I have a few of these trios but this is by far my favourite.

And when you put them altogether...


  1. Looks great. Are you still tanning or is that your natural colour? Are you going to stop putting tan on in the winter I cant decide if i want to stop putting it on or not.

  2. The eyeshadow is gorgeous on you:) You have inspired me to see what I have lurking xx

  3. Your skin is flawless, so luckyxx

  4. @Anonymous I am still fake tanning and think I will be doing it all year round. I look and feel more healthier with a bit of colour about me plus its non damaging like sunbeds. I've being using St Moriz because i'm out of Xen Tan.

  5. @Holly This is my better side in this photo, on the other side of my chin I have a huge spot which won't budge :) x

  6. @Jenny9119999 Thanks Jenny. I hate the thought of not using the makeup i've purchased as I love all of it just some items tend to get more love and need to stop that habit x

  7. Gorgeous look, you look super pretty!
    Warm browns look lovely on you!


  8. @tina_mbc Thanks. I really need to branch out into other colours as well though x