Friday, 9 October 2009

Buy of the Week!

Last night I did a bit of late night shopping with my mum. We trundled off to T K Maxx to find her a purse however I found myself looking at the sunglasses.

I found an amazing designer pair at an amazing discounted price. Not that I will be needing them any time soon, however they have inspired me to pull my finger out and get booking another holiday pronto.

The sunglasses are by Oscar de la Renta. They are oversized square frames with a tortoise shell pattern and have some copper detailing at the side. The only signature on them is a tiny O on the leg which I prefer rather than have huge symbols at the sides.

I'm not sure what the original retail price was but I paid a bargainous £12.99.

I have a bit of a thing for huge sunglasses and have a drawer full of them, yet I only ever seem to wear one pair. These could be my new faves:)

I'd love to read what bargains you have found lately.



  1. very cute kerry! My bargain this week was a pair of black suede boots with little bows on the sides. They were 30 dollars off the original price.

  2. so cute, love TKMAXX for sunglasses I've found some great ones over the years, valentino, Ralph Lauren, Armarni!! My buy of the week def has to be my new mini laptop!!love it!xx

  3. @Beautygirl24 I need more boots for the winter, its now coming in to the weather where flats are no longer appropriate.

  4. @Holly I never go in to TKMAXX though i'm going to have to start. I would be totally lost without my laptop x

  5. What a bargain! My bargain this week is the free eyeliner with a coupon from Grazia magazine x