Friday, 9 October 2009


I finally decided to bite the bullet and tint my own eyebrows, something I should have done along time ago and now I'm wondering what I was so afraid of.

I viewed paying someone to do this as a wasted expenditure and the results were not that great and didn't last long.

The task in hand itself couldn't have been simpler.

I used a dark brown dye for lashes and brows by Colorsport (purchased from Boots for about £7-£8) which contains enough for 16 applications and the effects apparently last for 30 days. So far it has lasted a week so I can't comment yet.

These are my brows before:

Not a great picture I know but you get the idea, they are pretty non-existent!

You mix some cream dye with a few drops of developer liquid until its a paste like substance and then apply it to your brows with the wand included. It should look a bit like this...

The instructions say to leave for 1-2 minutes before removing but this didn't work for me so I left it on for roughly 10 minutes. These are the results...

Not a vast improvement but there is a definite difference

Now I can go makeup free to my course and only look half as scary as now I have a bit of framing to my face and don't look as dead.

How many of you tint your eyebrows or get them done professionally? I'm very jealous of those who have full, dark brows.

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