Friday, 16 October 2009

Ohh! Blushed again...

It's finally Friday and I'm feeling very lazy so I've cheated and stolen the blog title from the product I'm about to talk about.

I was in Boots last week picking out some cheapish makeup to use in my makeup class. The stuff we currently have to use is a disaster and extremely cheap. It makes me very grateful that I can return home to my MAC, NARS etc...

I bought a few shadows, eyeliner and bronzer. I also picked up a blush but in the end I changed my mind and decided to keep it for myself :)

It's by Miss Sporty and is £2.99. There are three shades available. I went for the lightest which is Rose. This is a very pretty baby pink, not that dissimilar to MAC's Well Dressed.

To look at it straight on it looks like a dusty pink but in some angles I think there is a hint of peach. Overall it's lovely on and lasts just as long as my more higher end blushes.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm starting mine with some popcorn and Confessions of a Shopaholic :)


  1. U go to a make up class? oh wow i would love to do that. tell me more hunni xoxox

  2. @legseleven7 I go once a week and its in photographic makeup. I love it, it gives me something to look forward to during the week x

  3. It looks lovely :) I love Shopaholic!

  4. see it just goes to show that high street makeup is just as good as high end stuff - miss sporty is very under rated i think...

    great blog - we'll def be back. have you checked out our big beauty giveaway yet?