Monday, 15 December 2008

16 Random Facts!

I was tagged by BeautyForYou to do 16 random facts.

Here goes.....

1) I'm addicted to tea. I've tried drinking coffee but its just not the same.

2) I am a natural blonde turned bottle brunette (though I still have my blonde moments)

3) I really got into makeup about a year ago and my love for it has ever since been encouraged by You Tube and fellow bloggers.

4) I've been told im obessive compulsive. I'm a clean freak and everything in my room has a certain place so I know if anything has been moved. Weird I know :)

5) Im the youngest in my family. I have one older sister and we're nothing alike.

6) I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend coming up to 4 years in December.

7) I started my first job when I was 16. It was in retail and I hated it. The upside is that its where I met my boyfriend so it wasn't all bad.

8) My favourite colour is pink.

9) I have a 2 year old shih tzu called Jack and 2 guines pigs called Peanut and Cookie.

10) I can't shop by myself. I need to have someone to talk to.

11) I'm horrible at maths.

12) It took me alot of attempts (i'm not going to tell you how many) to pass my driving test. I now have a car which I never drive.

13) I'm very small, only 5ft 2.

14) I wore braces for 2 years whilst I was still at school.

15) Christmas is my favourite time of year.

16) I would be lost without my GHD's.

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