Wednesday, 3 December 2008

First MAC Palette

As part of my christmas presents my wonderful boyfriend bought me my first ever MAC empty eyeshadow palatte and a few eyeshadow pans to fill it :)

I own quite a few eyeshadows from the MAC collections but hardly any from their permanent line.

I'm putting a stop to this now!

From now on I want to branch out and continue to build on my pitiful collection and complete all 15 slots.

My current shadows include: sable, all that glitters, mythology, woodwinked and modest tone.

Modest Tone isn't included in the above picture as the others were bought in pan form and it was still to be depotted, which I did by myself! Very proud :)

Sadly my palette has been taken away from me to be put with my other presents until christmas :(

In the mean time i'm open to any suggestions of other shadows I should invest in.

If you have any recommendations let me know :)


  1. I really want one of these palettes too but am worried I wont be able to buy any colours to fit in them. Looked on ebay but they only have a few colours. Where did you get you eyeshadows?

  2. If you like Sable you should definitely check out Twinks which is a darker version. Also Antiqued is another fave, a beautiful coppery brown. Every palette should also contain Shroom a great all-round highlight colour. Hope that helps! x

  3. In response to can get the eyeshadows to fit straight into the Palette from any MAC stand alone store, you just have to ask for them. But if, like me, you don't live near an actual MAC store there are various ways of removing them from the regular black pots. I find this is the best way.....

  4. Hi there, have a look on youtube at this site:

    its a video by makeup geek her videos are brilliant you should also check out Enkore's videos
    - they both do great starter kits and essential colours for you eyeshadow palette.

  5. I agree that you need shroom...also... carbon, beautiful iris, satin taupe, coppering, and knight divine are all great colors! Hope that helps! =)

  6. @happy1234 I ordered mine from MAC Pro