Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Top Lip Products!

It was hard to narrow my collection down but here they are:

These are in no particular order, they are just the lip products that I would reach for most often.

1) Carmex - I use this every morning and night to prime my lips. Its especially great for the winter months when my lips need extra TLC.

2) GOSH Darling - A great nude lipstick which is a must have for any collection IMO. This is always in my makeup bag. As well as being a very wearable nude it is also very moisturising (which i've mentioned in an earlier post).

3) C-Thru lipglass - Goes perfectly with any nude lipstick to add shine and it's not too sticky.

4) MAC Hue - This is my favorite MAC lipstick. I just love it :)

5) MAC Pure Rose - This is a great baby pink and looks gorgeous against tan skin. I regret only buying one of them when it came out but hopely it will be repromoted soon.

Hope you enjoyed this :)


  1. Agree Pure Rose is lovely, it comes up for sale every now and again new on Ebay so keep an eye. Love Gosh's Darling too, picked that up about a month ago. Hubby not so keen though, think its cos it gives concealer lips :)
    I'd like to try Underage lipglass, seems to be the flavour of the month at the mo

  2. @dressjunkie Underage is lovely but I find its one of those lipglosses that cant be applied without a mirror, for me theres quite a bit of blending involved but having said that its still gorgeous!