Friday, 12 December 2008

Should your eyebrows match your hair colour?

I recently read that if your eyebrows match your exact hair colour, they have a tendancy to look fake.

How many of you agree with this statement?

My eyebrows are naturally blonde and I would often get them tinted to co-ordinate with my brown hair although the results don't last that long so instead i've been using a pencil or eyeshadow to fill them in.

I've recently gone a shade darker in my hair colour and my pencil in lingering no longer matches. Should I replace this with a deeper shade or just leave well alone for fear of looking fake?


  1. Hello Kerry! Personally, I prefer eyebrows that are darker than the hair color (or of the same shade, that works too sometimes)...I 'd say, if you think that your eyebrows now are visibly lighter in color and that sth looks "off", line them with a darker shade...Try it and see what works best for you! :)))

  2. I think personally I would want my brows to match my hair color. I've never heard that when they match they tend to look fake before so I think it's just whatever works for you.

  3. yeah on some there arent any though, aubrey (fafinettex3) doesn't have one!its so annoying.

    to your post; i think they should match really, i dont like the heavy look and if they're too fair they don't frame your eyes enough.

  4. I think a shade or 2 lighter than your hair colour looks natural.

  5. i think a shade or 2 lighter :).