Thursday, 18 December 2008

Old but a favourite!

Whilst riffling through my blush drawer this morning I came upon two products which havent been used in a long while.

They deserve to be shown more love so I wore them today.

They are both by MAC and are limited edition :(

They are:
1) Emanuel Ungaro cream colour base in bourgainvillea
2) Emanuel Ungaro beauty powder in flower mist dew.

I don't know how I forgot about these beauties. Together they give a subtle rosey tint which is good for this winter especially seeing as my cheeks don't have a natural hue.

I played up my cheeks today and left my eyes bare, just a slick of fluidline and some mascara. I applied bourgainvillea as a base with the 187 (a little goes a long way) and set it with the beauty powder.

I will definately be using this combination more often. I try to get use out of all my products but then I find myself forgetting about others.

In the next few weeks I will be getting some new stuff from NARS. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment.


  1. Your skin looks gorgeous today - thats a winning combination!!

  2. Desire blush by NARS! Used softly it will give you a gorgeous glow!

    And you skin looks fabulous

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments :)

    @Phoebe My bf is getting me NARS for our anniversary, i'l have to check out desire.

  4. You have perfect eyebrows! i love this looks so fresh! you look glowing! xxx

  5. I need to use my crushed bourgainvillea ccb, I don't think i've really played with it since I first got it.

    From NARS I would recommend Angelikia, Desire, amour and Silvanna blushes. Laguna bronzer, and turkish delight lip gloss, there all my favourites :)

  6. @jesse - Angelika and Laguna are already on my list, i'l look into the others.
    Cant wait to start reading your blog posts :)