Wednesday, 3 December 2008

New Goodies :)

Yesterday I went shopping to Debenhams, a big department store in Belfast to check out MAC's Metal Urge collection and to pick up a few other things seeing as it was 10% off everything.

These offers make me happy :)

My mini haul includes pink platinum Metal X cream shadow, blacktrack fluidline, 209 and a GOSH lipstick.

After watching lollipop26's USA haul video I decided to get pink platinum purely to try it as a highlight. I'm yet to use this product. Lately i've been using the MSF's.

Blacktrack is my first fluidline. I've just applied this to my waterline and attempted a flick. So far i'm liking this but I will need to give it a proper review.

Before choosing a brush to use with this product I had asked those on Twitter which would be the best,especially for a beginner like me.

I decided on the 210 although you may notice this isn't what I returned home with :(

The MAC MA suggested I get the 266 but I already use this brush for my eyebrows as the tip is thicker so I asked for the 210.

This is where you should check your purchases before you leave the store.

I know it wasn't the brush I wanted but i'm still happy with it and I can't take it back now because its used. I think i'll pick up the 210 at the weekend just to compare the two.

Last but not least on to my favourite purchase....
I picked up a GOSH lipstick in Darling.

This is a very pretty nude. It reminds me of MAC Myth but I think this is more wearable and it feels very moisturising on my lips. For about £6 you can't beat it.

Are there any other GOSH products I should try?


  1. Love the lipstick! have to try that one!

  2. Got to get my hands on that lipstick! I have decided that I hate the metal x shadow things. i just find them so hard to work with :( the only way to wear them is on the cheeks and even then its a bit of an effort :(

  3. Will have to try that gosh lipstick its great to recommended a product that I can actually get locally! Love your blog by the way, have just subscribed!

  4. @lollipop26 It takes forever to blend the metal x shadows and i just don't have that kind of time in the morning. I'm looking into getting more GOSH Lipsticks they're great value for £6 :)

  5. I'm going to go check out that GOSH lipstick ASAP! the 210 brush far superior to any eyeliner brush I have ever tried so make sure you go back for it!

  6. I'm buying that GOSH lipstick on Monday...I've tried to resist the temptation, but I think I deserve one more treat this month, to make me feel better...what would be a good gloss to go over the top? x x x

  7. @Laura Im not much of a gloss person (my hair always sticks to it lol) but i would try just a nude gloss like MAC's c-thru