Saturday, 3 January 2009

And the others....

From my previous post you may have noticed that I had omitted to mention other products in my picture.

I thought I would save them for another post.

Whilst shopping I visited my usual stores ie MAC and House of Fraser.

From MAC I got Well Dressed blush and another Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50 (this is my first MAC product which I have used up).

Well dressed is a really pretty dolly pink and reminds me a bit of Dame.

This purchase was encouraged by a post by Lollipop26 and after reading on Yummy Mummy's blog that it was being discontinued I had to have it.

From NARS I got the much talked about Sabrina lip treatment and Lola Lola e/s. I had planned to come away with a bag full of NARS but they were sold out of Angelika blush, Laguna bronzer and the holiday eye palette.

I've included a few swatches.

From left to right we have Well Dressed, Lola Lola and Sabrina.

Here is a picture of Sabrina on my lips

Expect another NARS post soon once the other items come back in stock.



  1. Oh you lucky girl, I really wanted that yesterday!I'm going to get it online quick!love Sabrina is a must have and Lola Lola!good haulx

  2. hey hun thanks for ure help on the picture situation...i kno that im moving the pics around and breaking the pic code but how to change it is gobbly gook to me help!! do u move ure pics around? xx

  3. @tiffany when your creating your post you add the image then go to edit html. There will be a code for that pic. Highlight it and click cut. Then on that same page select where you want the pic to go and paste the code. Do this to every pic you upload. They will all appear on the top but just repeat that step.

  4. hi im jus wonderin were u got the nars makeup as i live near belfast and i dont know where to get it anywere

  5. @anonymous There is a NARS counter in the House of Fraser in Victoria Square

  6. hi! is the MAC well dressed blush really being discontinued??

  7. @aretha I think it was just a rumour. My sister bought one a few weeks back so they are still available :)