Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Skincare Routine

These are the fundamentals of my everyday skincare routine.

To begin with I have dry skin so these items are what I find work for me.

In my earlier teenage years I suffered from oily/spot prone skin but thankfully thats cleared up since i've aged.

To remove my makeup at night I use your bog standard baby wipes. If it's good enough for a babys butt its good enough for my face.

Next step is my cleanser. I use Neutrogena's Visibly Clear 2 in 1 wash and mask. I only ever use this as a face wash because the clay mask will only make my skin feel tighter. (Picture not included because this item is in my bathroom).

To remove any leftover eye make I use L'oreal Dermo-Expertise gentle eye make-up remover. If i'm wearing heavy eye make-up or thick mascara which won't budge i'll use baby oil but this leaves my lids very oily which I hate.

For my toner I use Clean & Clear's deep cleansing lotion for sensitive skin. This helps prevent spots and the build up of oil and dirt.

Finally to moisturise my face i'm currently using MAC's Studio Moisture Cream. This smells amazing and feels really light. I was using an oil free moisturiser which i've been told is wrong because it will only dry out my skin even more.

This sums of the products I use on a daily basis.

Twice a week I will exfoliate using MAC's Microfine Refinisher. This is great at removing flaky skin but leaves my face looking red so I leave this step until bedtime allowing the redness to calm down.

If I ever feel a spot coming on I will coat it in Sudocrem (nappy rash treatment) and leave it over night. By morning its usually gone :)

At this point in my life I should probably invest in an anti-aging cream. In my opinion its never too soon to start so if you have any recommendations they would be most appreciated.



  1. Hi Kerry have never used any of Mac's skincare products - how do you find them?

  2. @Av I've only used the two mentioned but i've had no issues and my skin is very sensitive. The MA sold me on them because they are used on the models who work under work under extreme conditions ie lighting and have a tonne of makeup on so it has to be gentle.

  3. I've used the MAC refiner/refinisher or whatever it's called lol - it's really good, has loads of really fine particles in it and really smooths the skin... xxx

  4. I love Sudocrem for spots, it really does work! Makes you look a bit weird though, not the easiest of creams to rub in!!xx

  5. Hehe, Sudocream on spots does work...and toothpaste...I always wake up to find it's rubbed all over my face though if I've used it...not attractive!!!