Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Makeup Brushes

I was asked by Laura what makeup brushes I use so I thought i'd share with you all the ones I use on a daily basis.

They are mostly MAC Brushes, but the cheaper alternatives I have do the job just fine.

(excuse their dirtiness, Im lazy when it comes to cleaning them)

1) To apply my foundation I use the 190 brush. It doesnt leave my foundation streaky and doesnt apply it too sheerly. If I want light coverage i'l use the 187.

2) For concealer I use the 190 SE because it works on a bigger surface area. To apply concealer to my under eyes I use my fingers. I find it helps warm the product.

3) I know some people use the 266 for fluidline but I use it to shade in my eyebrushes because the brush hairs are quite big and in my opinion too big to apply liner with.

4) For my bronzer im using an ordinary powder brush. Some day i'll get the 134 to replace this along with NARS laguna bronzer.

5) I use the 129 for my blush. I love this brush, enough said.

6) I was talked into buying the 109 to apply the MSF's because they were sold out of the 181 and I haven't looked back. Its great at buffing in highlighters.

7) To contour I use the 168. Again this is a brush from a holiday collection. It has a small head compared to the standard 168 which is great as it fits nicely under my small cheekbones.

8) For shadow application I will either use the 239 or ELF's eyeshadow brush (pictured above) and for my crease I use the 217. Its great at applying colour and for blending. I own the 224 but it doesn't really work for me. Its quite big in comparison to my small lids.

What brushes do you use for foundation, eyeshadow etc?


  1. Hi Kerry,
    have you tried the 109 for applying your foundation? It is the best brush ever it leaves your face really airbrushed! you should watch fafitnexx3 youtube video on it!! Try it and let me know what you think x

  2. @Av I've watched her video but haven't tried it yet. I'll wash the brush and try it at the weekend when I have a bit more time to do my makeup and i'll let you know of the results.
    By the way I went back to NARS and there was no MA in site so I left empty handed. No angelika for me :(

  3. Thanks for this hun :) Really interesting...I'm deffo going to have to invest in MAC brushes soon! It's imminent, I can feel it! x x x