Saturday, 10 January 2009

What's in my purse?

I've choosen my work bag to do this post as it always has stuff in it and its used for the majority of my week.

Its just a basic black faux snakeskin bag from River Island.

Lets have a look inside shall we?

- i have my copy of Breaking Dawn (im almost half way through)
- my purse
- an umbrella because the weathers so unpredictable where im from
- my keys
- a notebook. Im forgetful so i always need to write things down.
- ipod touch (this gets me through my walk to work)
- my Blackberry Pearl. I love this phone and its pink. Bonus!
- a 2009 diary
- my makeup bag.

Nothing too exciting.

I always find everyone else's whats in my purse? post/video so much more interesting.

I might do a what's in my makeup bag in a separate post. Let me know what you think.


  1. Love the handbag - the shape seems really practical. I was in the middle of breaking dawn but I left it in my dad's car (I won't be seeing him again for a couple of weeks) so I'm going out to buy another copy tomorrow! Also, I love the Blackberry Pearl, so stylish! And of course, as you said, pink!

  2. I LOVE your bag!

    I really should get around to reading breaking dawn, I cheated and read a spolier and since then I havent felt the need to read it, I will get around to it one day :)

    you should do a whats in your makeup bag post aswell.

  3. @Jesse RI still have my bag in stock and it comes in grey and gold.
    I read all about breaking dawn on Wikipedia lol

  4. RI Bags are the nuts. Always bang on trend and not too pricey. I love their quilted Chanel dupe ones at the mo, gorgeous!
    Definitely do a whats in my make-up bag. I love nosing around other peoples things :)

  5. wow i just checked out the river island website and they have awesome handbags! i wish i could get them here in canada. also i've been DYING to get the pink blackberry pearl. you're lucky!

  6. i have that bag in grey with a matching purse!hehe

  7. Ooooo Kerry I love your phone! xXx

  8. @macosophy You could try ebay and see if any uk seller is willing to ship to Canada.
    When i got my phone they sent me a bottle of pink champagne to go with it