Saturday, 17 January 2009

Question: What's in my makeup bag?

Answer: Not alot!

I don't carry much makeup around with me because I hardly ever need to touch up.

Out of all the cosmetics I do have in my makeup bag the majority are lip related as this is my problem area.

I suffer really dry, chapped lips. No matter what I use nothing seems to help long term. I'm currently using a cream for cracked lips and cold sores which is in there along with my Chapstick in cherry (I have a thing about cherry based lip products, they smell so delicious). To touch up throughout the day I carry the lipstick im wearing that day. Today i'm wearing pretty please.

A must have in my makeup bag is my MSF Natural. This is just to matify any oily spots I might have during the day. I depotted my MSF from its orginal packaging into my Dame Edna container.

Check out RicoLovesMAC video for how to do this.

Now we get to the boring stuff which i'll just run through quickly. I have a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, tissues and a hair tie and clips for those bad hair days.

I'd be interested to know what's in your makeup bag.



  1. Very pretty make up bag, where is it from? I have a similar one in brighter colours from John Lewis :)

    I'm going to do this as a blog post or a YT vid, possibly both?!

    x x x

  2. @Laura It's from Next and comes in a set of three, all different sizes.

    Should you definately do a video or a blog on this x

  3. This is my make up bags opposite, I carry loads - far too much. Love the idea of depotting MSF into a cuter compact, I wouldn't have thought of that!!

  4. Kerry I can highly recommend Cherry Carmex, its unbelievable for chapped lips

  5. @dressjunkie I have that too lol I hate the way its in a jar. I prefer them in the tubes. Nivea also have a new cherry balm which i'll probably end up getting x

  6. Haha! Cherry flavoured balms rock. I'm a tub girl though, I think it goes back to my first balms from the Bodyshop. They came in wee tubs, plus they are fab for mixing pigments in once they are empty :)