Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pro Haul & Ebay

On Monday evening I got a nice suprise.

My Pro order had been delivered.

I only placed a small order.

For my eyeshadow palette I got deep truth, tempting and cranberry all of which I love.

I wanted icescape lipglass from the Chill collection but my MAC counter were sold out so I included this in my order. Its a baby pink with raspberry, pink pearl tones. Overall a gorgeous colour.

The item I was most excited to get was lip erase after reading a review on Yummy Mummy's blog. My lips are very pigmented. I eith use foundation or concealor to mute their colour but these products are very drying. I got the lip erase in dim. I'm not sure if this is the colour for me. It turns my lips almost brown i might order pale to see if that suits me any better.

From ebay I got a Victoria Secret beauty rush lipgloss in Cantaloopy. I ordered this after reading a post from Vanity Makeup. This is so lovely. It appears nude on me and has a pearlescent finish.

Lip erase paired with icescape

Lip erase paired with cantaloopy


  1. Great haul! How do you go about ordering off the pro stuff, is the site? Do you have to ring them to order? I wonder would they ship to Rep of Ireland.....

  2. @Av I place orders over the phone. Pinksealight gave me the number. Im not sure about delivery to the Rep. of Ireland but its worth a try.

  3. Could you give me the number please I think I might chance it soon!! Do you just use the pro site to see what things are unique to pro?

  4. @Av sorry i forgot to add it to my comment. 0870 0346700. Its a switch board so just say your placing a mac order. I ususlly have my laptop in front of me just to browse the site when im ordering.

  5. Cheers Kerry, will let you know how I get on!

  6. yay that is so awesome you got cantaloopy it really is a gorgeous color isnt it? :)

  7. oh and i've been wanting to try lip erase for ages, how much is it? x

  8. @Jesse Its a bit scary in the tube but its gorgeous when applied. Its so glossy :)
    The lip erase was £10.28

  9. I love the look of the erase paste and cantaloopy! :D xXx