Saturday, 3 January 2009

First trip to Sally's

I finally made my way to my nearest Sally's today on a mission to get my hands on some Chi products which everyone has been praising.

To my disappointment there wasn't alot :(

I still managed to find some bargains whilst browsing the shelves.....

From Sally's I picked up 4 things:-

1) Chi Infra Treatment
2) Chi Keratin Mist
3) Biosilk Silk Therapy (very excited to try this)
4) Denman detangling comb

All these items were reduced to clear and in total I spent £16.71.

I really wanted to get Chi Silk Infusion but they were sold out. I have heard great things via YT about Biosilk and how it is similar to the Silk Infusion.

It is a lightweight, leave in replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair, smooth and protect all hair types. Sounds pretty amazing!

Chi Infra Treatment is a thermal protective treatment which provides proper balance of moisture for silky, manageable hair.

Again there are great reviews of the Chi Keratin Mist so I couldn't miss out on not buying this.

I will give a proper review on these poducts after a few uses.

Another disappointment was the lack of nail polishes mainly China Glaze which are cheaper compared to OPI. I will have to resort to ebay for these but you can pick up some great deals especially from sellers who will combine shipping leaving me a happy shopper :)

If there are any other recommended hair products I should try please let me know.


  1. if you like to make your hair feel silky try redken all soft velvet whip..amazing!! its a leave in treat too but its a creamy texture! x

  2. @tiffany I'll look in to it thanks :)

  3. I have to pop into sallys to see if theres any chi left, i didnt know it was on sale :O!

  4. @kimberley I think they are repackaging Chi so all the old bottles are reduced.

  5. Hi Kerry - which Sally's did you go to?

    There isn't one nearby me but I work in London fairly often really close to the one on Shaftesbury Avenue


  6. @Emma I'm from Belfast so there is one in town here. But go to this page and it will find one near you: