Monday, 26 January 2009


i've been rediscovering my love for Urban Decay.

At the very back of my makeup unit, I stumbed upon two e/s palettes I got last christmas and probably haven't used since. They are both by Urban Decay and are the Skull Shadow Box and the Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box (the latter is the one I use most often).

My everyday eye consists of UD's Sin applied all over the lid and Smog in the crease. To define my eyes a bit more, I only apply my blacktrack fluid to the outer corners and creating a wing.

This is a very easy look and one I would wear to work regularly. To turn it into an evening look I apply more Smog and a some Oil Slick to deepen the crease.

Are there any other UD eyeshadows i'm missing out on?


  1. My current favourite is Scratch. Not sure if it's in either of thsoe palettes but it s a shimmery silver pale pink...really lovely x

  2. @emmajane1181 Just checked its not there. I googled it and its such a lovely colour. Might just have to get the full size x

  3. If you do decide to get it, it's really cheap here;

    (Sorry - huuuuge link!)

    I use this seller and they're really good x

  4. I've never had an urban decay shadow, will have to try them out!x

  5. midnight cowboy is my all time UD fave, such a fab going out shadow, bling bling! x

  6. @dressjunkie

    I love that shadow too but I get sooo much fall out when I wear it! Any tips?x

  7. @emmajane1181 use Painterly Paintpot or Hush Cream Colour Base as a sticky base and then press it on with a flat brush rather than brush it on, you should be fine :) xo