Sunday, 18 January 2009

Foundation application using the MAC 109

This morning I used MAC's 109 brush to apply my Studio Fix Fluid.

I have talked about using this brush for my highlight but alot of people have been using this brush to apply their liquid foundation.

Now its my turn...

This is the finished look:

I assumed this method would take me forever, therefore I was shocked when I had applied my foundation in under 5 minutes. Applying foundation is a lengthy process for me :S

Everything you've heard about this brush (hopefully all good) is true. My skin to me looks airbrushed. For a brush so small it can cover everything in less time and with hardly any effort. Its really soft on my skin, something i'm not used to when using the 190. Another plus is that it doesn't absorb alot of product and throughout the application it had lost one hair.

I used a light hand with this brush and buffed the product in. I was very cautious not to be too rough in case it ruined the hairs. I often found myself swiping the brush in a downward motion instead of circular because thats what im used to.

This could be my new HG foundation brush. I'm amazed by the results :)

If anyone has this brush please try this.



  1. I love this brush too, its the only brush that I use for my studio fix fluid, One of my favourite brushes -so versatile!!

  2. I dont have this brush but your skin looks flawless!! your brows ae the perfect shape too - you are very lucky :)

  3. @happy1234 I'd recommend you get this brush, so many different uses for it.
    My eyesbrows are one of my features I hate. The hairs are very thin and I can never get a colour to match to fill them in

  4. Sorry is it the 109 or 190 brush? You have both numbers wrote down in your post.

  5. @happy1234 Get the 109. Its not too expensive either, £18.11 x

  6. It's amazing isn't it!! I haven't used anything else since I started using this I love it!

  7. Totally agree, great brush for foundation including cream ones and also for highlighting and contouring (which is what its actually made for lol!). Would replace this tomorrow if I needed to xxx

  8. I've never tried it but your skin does look flawless! very helpful post!